Reading Time: 4 minsThis was a different kind of year, very different.  In fact it was different from the stance that I feel like I really didn’t do very much.  From a racing perspective, I was not very motivated and every triathlon I did I was not conditioned for it, leading to not performing very well.  As far as running goes the beginning of the year was OK, nothing going on mid year and then I started to get back on track towards the end.

Here’s my year in review:

  • Ran 5 half marathons, 2 5Ks, & 1 20K relay (10K split)
  • Completed 1 sprint Duathlon & 4 sprint Triathlons
  • Began to get serious with deep sea fishing
  • Watched more world cups games than any other world cup
  • Watched Arsenal versus the New York Red Bulls in New York
  • Ended a relationship
  • Lost my Grandfather (RIP Bruce E Butler :-()

Kind of a shitty review.  LOL  So, this makes 2 years in a row that I have not traveled internationally!  In fact this past year I traveled to New York twice and that’s about it.  I did also make it over to Austin, TX for a work conference, but wow, I feel like travel has almost died for me.  That will change this upcoming year!!  Moving on… I ended a relationship after a year and a half or so of dating.  To absolutely minimize it and not really go into detail; it just wasn’t right.  I had to end it.  It wasn’t me; it wasn’t who I am.  And I know I changed over time during that relationship and I fully accepted the responsibility of the failure of it.  Anyway,  I have lots of goals in place for the upcoming year: everything from physical fitness, personal, to professional; I hope to accomplish a lot this year.

From a physical fitness stance, it will be big!  No, MASSIVE!!  As of writing this I am registered for 2 Ironman 70.3 races, which means there will be plenty of sprint/olympic races in between as well.  I plan to throw down new PRs at the 5K, 10K, 15K, & half marathon distances.  I’m actually going to focus on diet and get more regimented with it.

Professionally, I will complete my CISSP certification this year.  It will happen!  I need to stop being lazy about it!  Period.

And for travel, something will happen.  Regardless.  Even if I travel alone!  The dependency of others, whether or not they can travel or the ever changing situations of others will not be an excuse this year!  I’m thinking of traveling back to New York around the beginning of October with my brother.  We were thinking of making it an annual thing.  It could be a birthday thing- Sept/Oct birthdays, therefore we celebrate in New York!  Then maybe in November I’ll travel again.  April through Sept will be busy with racing stuff.  So, yeah November it is!!

The absolute high point of the year was watching Arsenal play on American soil; and they happened to be playing my favorite MLS team!  Maybe travel in November to see them play at home in 2015!?!?

The absolute low point of the year was losing my grandfather.  As I write this it still feels so surreal.  It feels fake.  The worst of it is I feel so numb about it; nothing.  So much bullshit drama from the bitch of a wife my grandfather remarried was involved and I feel like I never got any closure.  Is this real life?  Is that it?  WTF!?!  My grandfather didn’t get the proper memorial and respect he deserved.  I guess just have to accept it how it is.

Goodbye 2014; Hello 2015!  Let it be Epic!