Race Report- 2014 Miami Marathon

Ahhh!  Miami!  The place I will always call home.  I have some what of a hate-love relationship with Miami though; granted there’s way more love than hate.  Hate the traffic, hate the rude people, & hate how inefficient some things are about the area.  Yet, I love the diverse culture, love the food, & love how you can find anything you’re looking for.  The most important part is I was born there and my family still lives there and of course I love them the most!

On to the race!  Horrendous!  That would be the single word I would choose to describe how the race went for me.  I’ll go ahead and list out everything that went wrong with the race.

  • About 1 mile into the race I could feel an awkward irritation in my right hip- near my IT Band real high up on my hip
  • Within 30 mins of the race the weather went from a perfect 76 degrees to a hellish 95 degrees; ot it at least felt that hot!
  • I ended up kicking into a broken road marker on the road and for a few minutes that followed I thought I broke my toe
  • Around mile 11 of the race we came across a girl on the side of the road who fell out.  Samantha being the athletic trainer went over to help her out.  This girl ended up being badly dehydrated.  She was not 100% coherent and was showing signs of shock.  While i was holding her feet in the air a bee happened to land on my arm and sting me!  We ended up staying with her for at least 45 mins!  Some other guys who happened to be EMTs were running by and they came over to help out.  We started to finish the race at that point.
  • As we come up on maybe 12.5 miles, the weather does a 180 and begins to pour down raining with some heavy wind.

I was definitely not in the best running condition and I barely did any training for this race like I should of.  That being said I was struggling on this race and everything that happened just made it worse!  Unfortunately, no one could of known the weather was going to be the way it was.  The forecast was supposed to be in the mid 70s all morning and leading into the afternoon.  This obviously was not the case and again unfortunately the race was not prepared for this.  The fact that we stood with this girl for 45 minutes and medical never came is a really bad thing.  In fact, who knows how long medical actually took, because when we left the EMTs who were running the race are the ones who continued to help out.

We ended up finishing in 3:07.  Which actually isn’t a bad time considering we stopped for nearly 45 mins.


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