Race Report- 2014 Say No To Drugs 5K

Can I get another PR!!  What, What!!

Yesterday I had the goal and the fitness to throw down a 22 minute 5K; however the Memorial Causeway Bridge in Clearwater kind of hindered that!  Nonetheless, I still set a new 5K PR!  The weather was perfect and the course was decent, however it is not a good one to attempt to PR on.  I usually run no more than half of a mile to warm up for a 5K, but this time I ran a light/easy mile before hand.  I allowed only about 5 minutes to pass after warming up and the start of the race.  I was able to somewhat sneak into the corral towards the front of the race as I saw tons of people I knew were not going to be running at the same pace I intended to, which is not a problem at all, but come on people!  Everyone should do their best to gauge where they are and get into the corral in an area that works best for them.  Otherwise, you’re making other runners have to bob-and-weave around you.

Either way, if I find a flat, non technical course (simple out and back), with a small field of runners I could easily shave another minute off my time as I stand today.  I’m thinking maybe the second half of 2015 I’ll 100% focus on speed work and go after a sub 20 minute 5K; maybe.

Here’s the split data:

Cumulative Time
Avg Pace
Avg HR
Avg Run Cadence
Avg Ground Contact Time
Avg Stride Length
1 07:32.5 07:32.5 1 7:33 189 172 237 1.24
2 07:11.0 14:44 1 7:11 194 170 233 1.32
3 07:44.2 22:28 1 7:44 198 165 239 1.26
4 00:47.8 23:16 0.15 5:14 203 177 191 1.74

Pretty much the entire race I was near my max heart rate and my SPM was ideally where I want to be.  The 3rd mile is where I need to improve on.  I should always go after negative splits in a 5K and the 3rd mile in this case I was beginning to suffer a little.  I’ll just go ahead and blame that on the stupid bridge.  I definitely began to cramp on my right mid section and I felt nearly spent towards the end of the 3rd mile.  At this point there’s not much left in the race, so I begin to just sprint it out towards the end.  I’m not sure if my Garmin was 100% correct, but it says I was sprinting out a 5:14 min/mile for that last bit of the race.  The finish line was also on a decline, which was nice!

Here’s what I recorded on my new Garmin 920 XT (BTW, I’m going to be putting together my own review and takes on this watch after some more usage).




Here are my official results (10/41):


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