Bike Fitting

Reading Time: < 1 min I’ve owned my bike for about 8 months now and I’m finally getting properly fitted for it. Just in time for this weekend’s Chilly Willy Duathlon! St. Pete Bicycle is pretty much my favorite bike shop in Pinellas county!


Reading Time: < 1 min Wow, that movie = suck! Only good thing about that movie was Natalie Portman. Well actually the movie was pretty decent, but one of the worst endings ever. It’s almost as if they ran out of money and just had to end the film. Good thing I waited for Netflix… Read more

2012 1/2 Marathon!

Reading Time: < 1 min Woke up this morning to take advantage of the Registration Blitz for the 2012 ING Miami 1/2 Marathon!  The first 200 people to register for next year’s race only had to pay $27.50 (more like $35 something because of additional fees)!  Which is an amazing price for a 1/2 marathon… Read more

ING Miami 1/2 Marathon

Reading Time: < 1 min Yesterday was the first 1/2 marathon I’ve ever ran in. Let’s just say I completed it, lol.  Everything was great until around mile 7/8- that’s when the lack of potassium in my body allowed lactic acid to build in my right calf (aka I got a really, really bad cramp). … Read more


Reading Time: < 1 min So, I was at the gym and I literally saw a 350+ pound woman walking in with one of those 1 liter bottles of Pepsi- not even Diet Pepsi!?! Hmmm……


Reading Time: < 1 min Wow!!  That’s the single word that comes to mind after tonight!!  I’ve heard a lot about WP over the past couple years, but I never would of imagined it being this great.  I always thought of WP for only blogging and that’s it- but this truly is a full blown… Read more