Race Report- 2015 Gasparilla Distance Classic

Reading Time: 5 mins Gasparilla!!  The road races of course, not the shit show of people getting stupid drunk and collecting beads!  Although the later can be fun if you’re with the right group of people!  Anyway, this year I ran the Cactus Lime Challenge; the shortest distance challenge.  This consisted of the 15K… Read more

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New Bike!

Reading Time: 2 mins That’s right!  Another new bike!  Between selling some crap, a massive mortgage escrow refund check and the simple fact I wanted a new road bike- I went and bought one!  My original road bike (aka Nikita, `09 Giant Defy) has been such a great bike, but I felt the need… Read more

Race Report- 2015 Chilly Willy Duathlon

Reading Time: 5 mins 3rd Place Age Group Finish!!  Wooyoo!!  Yeah, I was surprised also!  Usually the men 30-34 age group is extremely stacked with fast athletes!  But, fuck it, today I took 3rd in the AG! On to the race report!  What a difference training actually makes!  This time last year I completed the… Read more