Adam’s Wedding

Reading Time: < 1 min Finally started looking at pictures I took at my friends wedding and this is probably my favorite one of them all This is using a lomography type of effect, many times referred at as just “lomo”, especially in camera applications on phones such as instagram.


Reading Time: < 1 min DAMN!  That was my first reaction to this game when I played the beta.  This will be one of those games that I fell will be an epic game-changing game (see what I did there)!  The gameplay and physics of this are just incredible!  The technology behind the scenes also… Read more

Race Report- 2014 Miami Marathon

Reading Time: 3 mins Ahhh!  Miami!  The place I will always call home.  I have some what of a hate-love relationship with Miami though; granted there’s way more love than hate.  Hate the traffic, hate the rude people, & hate how inefficient some things are about the area.  Yet, I love the diverse culture,… Read more