Race Report- 2014 Gasparilla 5K

Could this be the year I brake a sub 20 minute 5K?  If so, then I have a lot of work ahead of me!  For this Tampa Bay area festival of road races I figured a sub 22 minute 5K was within reach; man was I wrong!  I finished in 24:43.  Only 2:44 seconds from being a sub 22 run.  But, those are a hard 2:44 minutes to shave off!

I finished the first mile in just over 6:30 min/mile pace.  Finished the second mile around 7 min/mile.  The third mile was a disaster!  Let’s just say I bonked out extremely bad!  The third mile was ran at nearly a 10 min/mile pace.  Overall, I still averaged a pace under 8 min/mile.  I was kind of pissed at my time- I think I could have easily finished in 23 minutes.  Only if I had better paced the first 2 miles.

As usual Gasparilla races are hot and the humidity this past weekend was killer!  It also didn’t help that the 5K started at 9am!  At the end of the day I can’t be upset with my time though- I haven’t really done any speed work towards that sub 20 minute 5K!  Maybe one day.

2014 Gasparilla 5K

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