8 Types of People You Should Never Date

I somehow came across this article online about ‘8 types of woman to avoid dating’ and I think it’s an interesting read worth looking into.  It’s not the world’s greatest article and I don’t 100% agree with everything in it, but it does allow you to start thinking not only about women (or men) you date, but taking at look at yourself.  I definitely have experienced some of these traits in some women I’ve dated.


But, here are two things that are the worst for me:

The ‘You Complete’ Me Woman: “This is the kind of woman who hasn’t really taken the time to know herself, her beliefs, or what she feels or thinks.  She’ll likely default to your preferences, your beliefs, your relationship with God and even your interests and friend groups.  While this may seem to make life easy at first, the lack of mystery and depth will wear you down, because a healthy relationship involves two unique identities- not just one trying to mimic the other”


The Wishy-Washy Woman: “A woman like this will take your heart on quite a ride, because she doesn’t really know what she wants. One moment she’s into you, and the other moment she’s confused and wants to take a step back.  This internal struggle is not going to be resolved any time soon, so do yourself a favor and find someone who’s just into you as you are into them.”

There happens to be a counter article for 10 types of guys you should never date.  I guess you have to take everything with a grain of salt.

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