Great IM convo

Here’s a great IM conversation with an someone at work; and yes their nickname in my windows live messenger is pimp juice.

Pimp Juice says (4:18 PM):
abrom what is this
coding with VBA for Excel and Access

Abrom says (4:19 PM):

Pimp Juice says (4:19 PM):
coding with VBA for Excel and Access
do you know what that means

Pimp Juice says (4:20 PM):
I have a job interview with **** and its what they are looking for

Abrom says (4:20 PM):
both excel and access has macro ability and to build macros it’s using VB
pretty much it’s knowing VB

Pimp Juice says (4:20 PM):
what is VB?

Abrom says (4:21 PM):
hahaha, then that job is not for you

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