2012 NFL Draft

Reading Time: < 1 min Last night was one of the most interesting drafts in a few years.  Since most NFL teams no longer offer outrageous salaries to highly sought after rookies (instead have great compensation packages), there was all kinds of last minute wheeling and dealing between general managers.  Constant trades and deals meant… Read more

20 pounds down

Reading Time: < 1 min Pulled out one of the 3 pairs of pants I had custom made in Thailand and the damn things are way too big!  It’s funny because I got them tight knowing I wanted to lose weight, but it’s funny actually putting them on and the waist is about 4 inches… Read more

Keep Calm and Carry On

Reading Time: < 1 min You may have seen this poster or some type of variation of it and I finally decided to look this up and see where it originates from.  Turns out to be a propaganda poster from the UK during World War II.  It was meant to help boost morale.  Its simplicity… Read more

Nikon D800

Reading Time: < 1 min I finally had the time to get around to reading a very interesting review for the Nikon D800.  According to DxOMark the D800 will be an absolute killer camera, actually better than it’s $3,000+ big brother the D4 (at least in terms of it’s sensor).  Which does pose the question- what’s… Read more


Reading Time: < 1 min This is pretty much my favorite craft beer- Florida Avenue Blueberry.  And it’s brewed locally here in the Tampa Bay area.