Asus Transformer

Reading Time: < 1 min This is by far the best comment I’ve heard so far about the Transformer: I have had my transformer for 2 GD months now and i am STILL waiting for asus to get their act together and add the damn autobots roll out button to the homescreen!!! feel like nicholas… Read more

HP Touchpad

Reading Time: < 1 min Check out this video in regards to the whole HP Touchpad situation: (I’m not endorsing the characters within this video)

Adios Steve…

Reading Time: 2 mins So the savior of Apple is no longer the CEO- too bad I’m not an Apple fan at all.  And even with Steve stepping down, I’m sure this won’t change anything.  Apple has planted a seed through the iPhone that can never be removed. The only thing I care for… Read more

HP Touchpad Madness!!!

Reading Time: < 1 min LOL This past weekend has been crazy with the fire sale of the HP Touchpads! At first, I didn’t care because I’ve actually had my eyes on the Asus Transformer and could care less for WebOS. Then after thinking about it, I figured, hey why not for $99 you can’t… Read more

Great IM convo

Reading Time: < 1 min Here’s a great IM conversation with an someone at work; and yes their nickname in my windows live messenger is pimp juice. Pimp Juice says (4:18 PM): abrom what is this coding with VBA for Excel and Access Abrom says (4:19 PM): what? Pimp Juice says (4:19 PM): coding with… Read more

Time Flys!

Reading Time: < 1 min Seriously, it does! I thought I was going to be able to keep up with this thing, but I guess not. I finally got the Android app that’ll let me blog easily from my phone, so we’ll see if this works out.