2015 Race Calendar

Reading Time: < 1 min I finally had some time to really think about what I want to do for the upcoming year in terms of races.  I’ve decided it’s going to be another year of triathlons!  There’s a few road races in there, but my main race to focus on will be another Ironman… Read more

8 Types of People You Should Never Date

Reading Time: 2 mins I somehow came across this article online about ‘8 types of woman to avoid dating’ and I think it’s an interesting read worth looking into.  It’s not the world’s greatest article and I don’t 100% agree with everything in it, but it does allow you to start thinking not only… Read more

World Cup 2014 – Spain’s End Game

Reading Time: 3 mins Here’s a random rant I just posted on my Facebook page.  I love the world cup! Yes this is a long post.2006 World Cup- Who would win it all? Well France of course! Why France? Henry, Vieira, Gallas, Wiltord, those were the main reasons why. Some of Arsenal’s finest (some… Read more

Apple WWDC – iOS 8

Reading Time: 3 mins Apple’s WWDC 2014 is currently taking place and there’s some changes to iOS 8 that seem really familiar.  I feel like Android was almost ahead of its time, here’s some new features/changes to iOS with version 8 that have been around within Android for quite some time now:  “Extensibility”- this… Read more


Reading Time: < 1 min While attending the SailPoint Navigate14 event in Austin, TX this past week I had the opportunity to check out the Spazmatics.  They were an extremely energetic 80’s cover band.