Securing Photos with Amazon S3

Reading Time: 11 mins Amazon S3 is a service I have been using for quite some time. Hands down it’s one of the greatest services AWS has to offer. The versatility and power of S3 is unreal! In fact, I’m currently running my own private cloud storage solution using a forked version of the… Read more

Apple WWDC – iOS 8

Reading Time: 3 mins Apple’s WWDC 2014 is currently taking place and there’s some changes to iOS 8 that seem really familiar.  I feel like Android was almost ahead of its time, here’s some new features/changes to iOS with version 8 that have been around within Android for quite some time now:  “Extensibility”- this… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S5

Reading Time: 3 mins Samsung is about to release their new rendition of the Galaxy line of phones, the S5.  Samsung went all out to launch the S3 back in the day and it was a true flagship phone for Samsung.  Its also the phone that converted many iPhone users over to Android; I… Read more