Ubuntu 16.04 & Tomcat 8.5

Reading Time: 6 mins This is a totally random post. Sadly, my last post was from July 2018 and I’m sitting on about 15 draft posts that I’ve been too lazy to finish. Probably never will… Ubuntu is hands down my favorite Linux distro. Desktop, Server, Studio and not to mention all of the… Read more

Cloud Storage; Your Way

Reading Time: 9 mins A few years ago I had a conversation with a friend about using cloud storage for personal use. Mainly focusing on Google Drive, Box.com, OneDrive, etc to house all of your family’s data. Think about storing those treasured family photos that can be easily shared or even the important tax… Read more

Installing RSAT, The Hard Way…

Reading Time: 3 mins Just recently I got a new computer for work, which is always a good thing, however it can also be a pain. I work very heavily in Active Directory and therefore installing RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) in order to leverage the AD CMDlets is a necessity. I have downloaded… Read more