8 Types of People You Should Never Date

Reading Time: 2 mins I somehow came across this article online about ‘8 types of woman to avoid dating’ and I think it’s an interesting read worth looking into.  It’s not the world’s greatest article and I don’t 100% agree with everything in it, but it does allow you to start thinking not only… Read more

Adam’s Wedding

Reading Time: < 1 min Finally started looking at pictures I took at my friends wedding and this is probably my favorite one of them all This is using a lomography type of effect, many times referred at as just “lomo”, especially in camera applications on phones such as instagram.


Reading Time: < 1 min Lately I feel like a zombie. I guess I’m happy, but not fully coherent to my surroundings. Work, relationship, life….I feel like I just, simply, exist. I’m back to feeling like I don’t know what I want out of life. Maybe it has a lot to do with how I… Read more